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Down to Business English is a podcast for people who use English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) in their work environment and are trying to improve their overall language skills.

In each episode, hosts Dez Morgan, Samantha Vega, and Skip Montreux discuss business news making headlines around the world. Through their discussions, they introduce professional vocabulary and phrases, review useful grammar structures, and identify cultural differences that may impact doing business in an international work environment.

This podcast is an excellent way to improve your listening comprehension skills and keep up with current business trends and news from around the world.

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Your Hosts

Skip Montreux
Dez Morgan
Samantha Vega

[memberlite_tabs items = “Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, Samantha Vega”]
[memberlite_tab item=”Skip Montreux”]Skip Montreux was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. After surviving 27 winters of -30º C weather, he boarded a Korean Air flight from Vancouver to Tokyo via Seoul. After losing his luggage in transit he literally arrived in Japan in March of 1997 with only the shirt on his back. He quickly immersed himself in the world of English teaching. Over the years he has held positions as Assistant Language Teacher, University Professor, and Corporate Language instructor. At some point in his journey through the EFL world, he developed an interest in graphic design, web 2.0 technology, and social media. This interest led him to launch the Down to Business English podcast along with Dez Morgan in March, 2010.[/memberlite_tab]

[memberlite_tab item=”Dez Morgan”]Dez Morgan was born in the seaside town of Margate on the South East coast of England. After qualifying as a primary school teacher, he went to work in an International school in Yokohama, Japan. Discovering that teaching young children was not for him, Dez joined Japan’s happy band of EFL teachers for the next 20 years. In his 40s, he decided to travel and teach in Argentina, Bosnia and finally the United Arab Emirates. Now in his 50s Dez lives in Scotland, has re qualified as an English literature teacher, and is currently at the start of what is probably going to be the last of his careers. But then again…[/memberlite_tab]

[memberlite_tab item=”Samantha Vega”]Samantha Vega was born in Auckland, New Zealand but was raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her background is in broadcast radio. She started on-air as an announcer in Vancouver and then moved to Tokyo in the late-90’s to do a ‘one-man/woman’ style radio show on InterFM. Samantha and Skip have been friends for over 20 years. Samantha joined the Down to Business English team in 2016 and loves reporting on business news and connecting with D2B listeners around the globe.[/memberlite_tab]


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19 thoughts on “Down to Business English”

  1. Were you as angry when NATO invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? Hope the western business world would do the same the next time the US invades any country.

  2. Great podcast! I love it. The content is so up-to-date and useful. I wish I had found it earlier.
    Thank you guys so much for making such great show.

  3. I have also noticed excellent vocabulary. They really talk the butter of the subject.
    I wish them best wishes and success work.
    This is the first time I write comment on podcast ever or even a web review in generally.

  4. This is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard In my life from a podcast. And I mean skip .
    Literally his voice remind me with the TOEFl Exam listing record .
    I will keep listening to his podcast and of course I will be happy to become a member .
    I wish If I can have face to face class from him in Japan.

  5. I hope to practice more American english and I hardly find episodes between you and Samantha, compared with with Dez. (Doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna listen to him haha I like him very much)

  6. How are you?

    I am NiNi lay and live in myanmar . I am studying in English very hard in order to join a business school. I think that your site is really useful to improve my listening skills in English. Anyway, I have a request for you. I would like to listen and read this issue through D2B. This is because, I hope to listen and read this issue from your angle.

  7. Hi Mucio!

    Thanks for the comment and for supporting the show with your D2B membership!! We are working on a new episode right this minute and it will be released soon! Let us know if there were any topics you’d like to hear us cover and I will see what we can do.

  8. muciobatista

    Hi guys, I’ve just subscribed for 6 months. D2B is valuable resource to study English. You are helping me a lot guys, thank you very much. Im Brazilian but living in Bogota over the last 3 months. I really enjoy the episodes.
    God bless you and Sucess in your Educational business!

  9. Hi Franklin,
    Yes, free is a very good price. But keep in mind that the podcast is always free AND the audio script for the most recent episode is still FREE too!!
    The D2B Membership plans are for listeners who:

    • like the show and would like to support the time and effort we put into producing it.
    • would like access to ALL the audio scripts without having to fill out annoying online forms.
    • would like the benefit of receiving audio scripts to new episodes delivered to their inbox as soon as a new episode is released.

    After 4 years of listening, you don’t fall into any of those categories?

  10. I’ve been listening to D2B for over 4 year, and find it is no longer free for the new episodes. A pity.
    Isn’t free is the best price ?? LOL.
    Well, hope the new episodes will be well worthy the money.


  11. Hi Gabriel.
    Thanks for the kind words! It is always nice to hear from D2B listeners. As for extending the D2V part…we will try 🙂 Good luck with achieving C1, I hope our stories help in that endeavor.

  12. Hi Skip Dez and Samantha !
    This is Gabriel from Paris – France. I’ve been listening to your podcast in my car when going to/from work for some weeks and I really enjoyed it. I discovered your work while I was looking for audio podcast to improve my english skills as I have to get to level C1 to complete my engineer diploma. D2B is honnestly the best podcast I tried. The topics are always very interesting, present-day and well documented. The D2V part is a great idea. Maybe you could make it longer ?
    Thank you so much for your work !

  13. Thanks to all of you for your kind words!

    Kenichi- I hope you enjoyed our episode on Prime Minister Hatoyama.

    Heike- I’ve done my best to mix the music so it doesn’t disturb as much. I hope you have noticed a change, but if not please let me know. (I really don’t want to take the music out completely)

    Pierre-Oliver- Thanks for the comment. Yes, we will continue! I’m sorry about the irregularity of the release dates but we are doing our best to get episodes out more often.

    Tiong- Thanks again!! (please be sure to see my reply on the Hedge fund post)

    If any of you have business topics or business stories you would like Dez & I to cover, please let us know. You can post something here or email us (Use the Contact form).



  14. I think is an excellent website for those who want to improve their English especially listening skill. I find its presentation approach is quite unique, intriguing and yet giving me a particular feeling of relaxing. I love all the podcasts very much. I must say thank you to Skip and Dez for your great job. Thank you.

  15. pierre-olivier

    Hi, thanks for your great job. I listen to an episode every morning in the train, and I spend a very good time while learning.
    I hope you’ll continue.

  16. Hallo everybody,
    i try to learn english. I come from germany.
    Your podcasts and your website is greatly!! Thank you for the great assistance.
    A small note: Only the mood music in podcasts is sometimes somewhat too loud and disturbing.

    love greet from germany

  17. Hello Des and Skip,

    How are you?

    I am Kenichi Yoshida and live in Japan. I am studying in English very hard in order to join a business school. I think that your site is really useful to improve my listening skills in English. Anyway, I have a request for you. Please make and appear a script about Mr. Hatoyama, current Japanese prime minister. He at times changes his political policy, such as subsidy for young children, free highway and US millitary bases in Okinawa. A Majority of Japanese citizens is too disappointed about his behavior. Actually, I am quite familier with this issue, however I would like to listen and read this issue through D2B. This is because, I hope to listen and read this issue from your angle.

    Thanks and kind regards.

    Kenichi Yoshida

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