D2B 061 – 070 Audio Scripts

D2B Audio Script Bundle  (Ep 061-070)
10 audio scripts of D2B. ($2/audio script)
Price: $20.00

Down to Business English episodes 061 – 070.

This bundle contains the pdf files to the full audio scripts for

Episode titles:
•D2B 061 – Argentinian Debt
•D2B 062 – Working from home
•D2B 063 – The Life & Times of Hugo Chavez
•D2B 064 – Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline
•D2B 065 – Nokiasoft: Microsoft acquires Nokia
•D2B 066 – The Computer Gaming Industry
•D2B 067 – Khalifa Port
•D2B 068 – Scottish Independence
•D2B 069 – Bitcoin
•D2B 070 – Roundup Episode

After making the purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for the pdf files.

MP3 audio files are not included but can be downloaded at no extra charge from the Down to Business English website at any time.

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