D2B 101-110 Audio Scripts

D2B Audio Script Bundle (Ep. 101-110)
10 audio scripts of D2B. ($2/audio script)
Price: $20.00

This bundle contains the pdf files to the full audio scripts for

Episode titles:

  • D2B 101-Climate Change Crisis
  • D2B 102-The Future of the EU
  • D2B 103-Toshiba: a troubling 2 years
  • D2B 104-Alibaba: The World According to Jack Ma
  • D2B 105-Davos: a meeting of the global elite
  • D2B 106 – Virtual Reality: for business and play
  • D2B 107 – Bayer & Monsanto
  • D2B 108 – Global Counterfeiting
  • D2B 109 – South Korea Part 1: The Impeachment of Park Geun-hye
  • D2B 110 – Canada’s Budding Marijuana Industry

After making the purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for the pdf files.

MP3 audio files are not included but can be downloaded at no extra charge from the Down to Business English website at any time.

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