D2B Free Episodes – Season 5 (2014)

D2B 71 – Shale Oil

09/23/2014 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan discuss the economic benefits of shale oil and the controversial drilling technique of fracking.

The markets react

D2B 70 – Roundup Episode 

06/26/2014 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan update several of the business news stories recently covered on Down to Business English.

a bitcoin

D2B 69 – Bitcoin

06/14/2014 – Skip Montreux explains Bitcoin to Dez Morgan.

D2B 68 – Scottish Independence

03/15/2014 – Dez Morgan gives his take on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence from the U.K. He also has a big announcement to make.

Khalifa Port

D2B 67 – Khalifa Port

04/04/2014 – Dez Morgan fills Skip Montreux in on all the details about the recently opened Khalifa Port in the UAE and how it is impacting the regional economy. While doing so, he also reveals a little of his ‘nerdy’ side.

D2B 66 – The Computer Gaming Industry

03/23/2014 – Skip provides Dez with the business background on something he has been spending way too much time on recently–computer games.

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