D2B Members-only Episodes – Season 9 (2018)

D2B 149 – The Belt & Road Project

12/27/2018 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan discuss China’s Belt and Road initiative.

D2B 148 – The Yellow Vest Protests 

12/08/2018 – Dez Morgan explains to Skip Montreux about what is behind the anger and frustration of the Yellow Vest protestors in France.

D2B 144 – Warren Buffett: The Sage of Omaha

10/31/2018 – Dez Morgan talks to Skip about Warren Buffett’s life and his approach to investing.

D2B 142 – Elon Musk: A CEO on the Edge

10/24/2018 – Dez Morgan tells Skip Montreux about Elon Musk’s recent odd behavior.

D2B 140 –
What’s Cooking in the Meal Kit Industry

08/07/2018 – Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega get cooking and talk about the troubled meal kit industry.

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