Donald Trump: The Bankrupt Billionaire | 88

photo credit Gage Skidmore
photo credit Gage Skidmore

Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega report on Donald Trump’s business dealings in the Atlantic City casino industry.

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1 thought on “Donald Trump: The Bankrupt Billionaire | 88”

  1. Donald Trump was elected Chancellor of the United States on 30 January 2017. If you doubt Donald Trump just look at Atlantic City to see his success. Donald Trump is RIGHT about Air Force One! The Boeing plane cost too much and the current plane is fine for use. Boeing is a company of wealthy people Trump stated. Trump contacted Boeing and asked them to update the plane at a lower cost. Boeing contacted Trump and stated they could upgrade to fly by wire hydraulic fluid. Trump said he was happy with the upgrade at a lower cost. Trump told Boeing he was willing to give them a discount at his Trump building in Chicago. Boeing stated they will stay in the John Hancock Center due to the lower monthly charge. Trump told Boeing he would build the plane himself.

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