3 thoughts on “Greece: a P.I.G.S update”

  1. Good catch Gyorgy! You are absolutely right. We made a very common mistake. The transcript most definitely should read “waiting with bated breath” NOT “waiting with baited breath”
    Thanks for pointing it out!


  2. I have found this comment on the expression of “with baited breath” in the dictionary
    bated |ˈbeɪtɪd|
    adjective (in phrase with bated breath)
    in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly : he waited for a reply to his offer with bated breath.

    USAGE The spelling : baited breath instead of bated breath is a common mistake that, in addition to perpetuating a cliché, evokes a distasteful image. Before using the expression bated breath, think of the verb : abate, as in : the winds abated, not fish bait.

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