2 thoughts on “RFID Chips | 57”

  1. Hi Anil,

    Only the most recent episode’s audio script is availble at no cost. To access audio scripts of older episodes (such as D2B 057 RFID Chips) you have 3 options:

    1) Visit this link and become a D2B Member.

    D2B members can log in to their account and access the entire library of D2B audio scirpts (115 episodes as of the date of this reply). Read this membership information for pricing.

    2) Purchase the D2B 051-060 bundle that includes D2B 057 RFID Chips. This bundle is $US20.00 ($2.00/episode)

    3) Purchase the D2B 001-100 audio script bundle, which also includes D2B 057 RFID Chips. This bundle is $US100.00 ($1.00/audio script)

    Thanks for listening and I hope this answers your question.


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