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Seattle’s Groundbreaking Anti-caste Discrimination Law  | 250

Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega explore the caste system, its origins, and the impact it has in the US, particularly in tech hubs like Seattle and Silicon Valley. They discuss a survey by Equality Labs that claims 67% of Dalits living outside India have experienced workplace discrimination from higher caste colleagues.

Seattle’s Ordinance Against Caste Discrimination

Seattle recently implemented a measure against caste discrimination by passing an ordinance to include caste as a protected class. This groundbreaking law has inspired California to consider introducing a similar bill.

Addressing Criticisms and Moving Forward

Despite this progress, there are critics who argue that the movement is an attack on big corporations or unfairly singles out South Asians. Regardless, the issue of caste discrimination cannot be ignored, and addressing it is essential for ensuring a fair and inclusive society.

Listen in to learn the answers to these questions and more.

What is the caste system, its origins, and how has it made its way to the United States, particularly in tech hubs like Seattle and Silicon Valley?
How has Seattle addressed caste discrimination, and what impact has this groundbreaking law had on other states, such as California?
What are the criticisms surrounding the anti-caste discrimination movement?

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