Ten Years of Tim Cook | 187

Tim Cook & the late Steve Jobs

Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega take a look at Tim Cook’s career.

  1. What did he do before he joined Apple?
  2. How did he become Apple’s CEO?
  3. How has Apple grown under 10 years of Tim Cook as CEO? 

Listen in to find out.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Years of Tim Cook | 187”

  1. Very interesting career that this man has done however, I have never heard of him before. Also, I guess that in case of troubles, this Apple’s CEO will leave his company in good hands thanks to the qualified personnel who work for Apple´s

    When creating D2B Did you Skip take leaps of Faith? ( plural) I believe that you did Lastly, If Tim´s Cook company collapses or drops off, there´s nothing to be sneezed at just like D 2Bin case of Financial troubles, It´s not something to be sneezed at…
    Thank you

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