2 thoughts on “The British Election and the Coalition of the Willing”

  1. Hi Ross,

    I am a grateful listener from Spain

    Maybe you have some reason but it depends.

    I vote for the background music.

    The background music well-proportioned, with the appropriate volume is perfect to provide freshness and pace to the Podcast.

    It’s like the sound of change in the media news when they change the subject.

    It’s just my humble opinion as a regular listener.


    Qlis from Spain.

  2. I’m really grateful to you for sharing such valuable podcasts, downloadable
    to my i-pod in France. I have now loads of them to share with my French students,
    though I’m not sure they’ll be as thrilled as I am.
    Some words explained appear as cognates for us French people, I mean transparent
    words, as we can relate them to Latin or even French. Yet I assume your target
    is not restricted to European learners only.
    If I had to review the podcast, I’d only remove the music session in the background,
    which can be irritating at times, when you are focusing on the commentary.
    Other than that, the content is brilliant. Bravo!

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