The Future of the E.U. | 102

Dez Morgan explains to Skip Montreux what has taken place in Europe since the Brexit referendum and they discuss what is in store for the E.U. in 2017.

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2 thoughts on “The Future of the E.U. | 102”

  1. Hi Alvaro,
    Thanks for the comment-I appreciate the input.

    With Dez and I living in different time zones (Tokyo and UAE) we are limited in finding a time to record that fits both of our schedules. The time that works best for us happens to be right in the middle of the mosque in Dez’s neighborhood ‘call to prayer’ schedule.

    We will try to avoid it in the future but sometimes it is unavoidable.

    Thanks for your patience.


  2. Hi:

    It is very annoiyng the noise background that can be heard sometimes when Dez speaks. I guest is a Muslim Iman praying or shouting. It would be desiderable editing the podcast in order to avoid such noises or at least record it out of the prayer time ;).


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