The Year in Review eZine 2010


Down to Business English – Year in Review 2010

The Down to Business English Year in Review is an in-depth review of five of the top news stories that were covered by Skip & Dez between March 2010 and February 2011.

Not only is this a great way to develop your listening skills and expand your active pool of vocabulary, it also is a way you can help SUPPORT Down to Business English.

The eZine study package includes:

  • 50 extra vocabulary explanations not covered in the original episode.
  • 60 test style listening comprehension questions
  • An ALL NEW 30 minute ‘Unplugged’ update episode of Down to Business English

The Year in Review contains 3 hours of audio files and a 50 page PDF study document all for the reasonable price of $20.10

Skip:        Hello everyone, Skip Montreux here.
Dez:        And this is Dez Morgan. Thanks for downloading this very special announcement.
Skip:        Believe it or not, the first episode of D2B was released just under 1 year ago, on March 10, 2010.
Dez:        And since that very special day, Down to Business English has released 24 episodes covering a wide range of business stories.
Skip:        To celebrate the first anniversary of Down to Business English, we are very happy to announce the release of The Down to Business English Year in Review eZine.
Dez:        What is the Year in Review eZine you ask?
Skip:        That is a very good Dez. The Year in Review eZine is a PDF magazine that reviews five of the most popular D2B episodes released over the past 12 months.
Dez:        And it is much more than a simple review. Included in theYear in Review are 50 new vocabulary explanations not covered in the original episodes, as well as 50 TOEIC style listening comprehension questions.
Skip:        And that’s not all. In addition to MP3 audio and audio scripts of extra vocabulary and comprehension questions, The Year in Review also includes a never-before released, special episode of Down to Business English that we proudly call D2B Unplugged.
Dez:        In D2B unplugged, Skip and I give you an update on the five stories we review in the e-Zine.
Skip:        The ‘unplugged’ episode is a great chance for you to listen to authentic, spontaneous English between 2 native speakers. The 5 stories we review and update are Google vs. China: exiting the dragon….
Dez:        ….The BP Oil Spill: an economic and environmental catastrophe…
Skip:        …Facebook: an issue of privacy…
Dez:        …FIFA and the business of the beautiful game…
Skip:        …and University Fees: the business of education.  All in all,  by purchasing The Year in Review you receive over 40 pages of review material, 50 new vocabulary explanations and over an hour of new listening material.
Dez:        The Year in Review eZine is not only great supplemental study material, at the very reasonable price of $20.10, it is also a great value. If you are enjoying and if your English listening skills are benefiting from Down to Business English, we would so much appreciate your support.
Skip:        To get your copy of the Year in Review digitally delivered to your computer, just visit our website at and click on the Year in Review link at the top of the page.
Dez:        That website address again is  And we thank you for your support.
Skip:        Yes, we sincerely do appreciate it!
Dez:        We will be back very soon with an all new episode of Down to Business English. See you next time and take care.
Skip:     See you next time everyone. Bye.

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