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The Okanagan Wine Industry | 270

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada is renowned for its stunning landscapes and abundant orchards. But the valley also boasts one of Canada’s best kept secrets—a thriving wine industry.

In this episodes of Down to Business English, Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega explore the rich history of grape cultivation in the region, the transformation of the wine industry through government subsidies, and the challenges faced by local wineries. From the initial planting of Labrusca grapes by French Catholic missionaries to the formation of the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), they unravel the key events that have defined the Okanagan Valley’s wine industry. 

Join Skip and Samantha and learn the answers to these questions:

How did the Okanagan Valley’s wine industry evolve from its humble beginnings in the 1860s?
What role did government subsidies and the establishment of the Vintners Quality Alliance play in transforming the wine industry in the Okanagan Valley?
What impact does the wine industry have on the local economy and job market?

They also explain and give examples of these useful business words and phrases:

To subside (verb)
A subsidy (noun)
To subsidize (verb)
To go off on a tangent (idiom)

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