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Learn and retain words, phrases, and expressions
to use in your professional life.

What is Down to Business English?

The Down to Business English podcast (D2B) helps non-native English speakers learn business English by reporting on current business news headlines and teaching useful words, phrases, and expressions related to those stories.

In each D2B episode, hosts Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, and Samantha Vega report on a business news story making headlines around the world. Through their reports, they teach professional words and phrases, review useful grammar patterns, and identify cultural differences that may impact doing business in a global work environment.

Understand automatically

Down to Business English helps develop your listening comprehension skills so that you can automatically understand what native speakers are saying, whether you are in a business meeting, attending a presentation, or taking part in a social situation.

D2B episodes begin with the hosts interacting as any two colleagues would in a professional, social situation. They update each other with what is happening in their lives and share their views on popular trends happening in the world.

Listening to interactions between native speakers will help you become more confident in understanding and taking part in spontaneous discussions with your overseas colleagues and clients.

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Real News
& BusinessTopics

There is no better way to learn new words and phrases than by connecting them to real business stories and events. Expand your range of professional vocabulary and deepen your knowledge of global business trends by listening to authentic business news happening in the world today.

After their opening ‘small talk’, the hosts introduce the business news story for the episode. Topics covered on D2B span the complete spectrum of global industries and markets.

If it is about business, D2B reports on it.

Learn & Retain Business Vocabulary

Learn and retain high frequency words, phrases, and expressions used by native English speakers in business meetings, presentations, and other professional settings.

After reporting on a business news headline, D2B moves to the D2V portion of the show —

Down to Vocabulary

— in D2V, target words and phrases from the report are explained and the hosts demonstrate how this language can be used in a business context.

To gain a deeper understanding, each D2B episode comes with a human-generated Audio Script so you can listen again, read along, take notes, and study.

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D2B Membership

Our goal at Down to Business English is to help you learn and retain business English by reporting on current business news headlines and teaching useful words, phrases, and expressions related to those stories.
D2B Memberships finance the resources necessary to create this type of authentic English learning material that can not be found in a traditional classroom setting or textbook.

What do I get with a D2B Membership?

D2B Memberships come with 3 great benefits.

Member only content

Exclusive member-only episodes not available to the public.

Audio Script Library

100% Access to the entire catalog of Down to Business English Audio Scripts.

Audio Script Delivery

Audio scripts of newly released episodes are delivered to your email inbox.

How much does a D2B Membership cost?

We have 3 membership plans for you to choose from.


USD 7.00/month

Executive Director  
(best value)

USD 66.00/year 


USD 75.00 (one year only)

Meet the hosts of Down to Business English

The D2B Team

Samantha Vega
Co host

Skip Montreux
Executive Producer & Co host

Dez Morgan
Co host & Writer

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