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The exit and reinstatement of Sam Altman | 290

In a week marked by unexpected turns and twists, OpenAI, the leader in AI development, witnessed a whirlwind of leadership changes that captured the attention of the business and tech world. 

In this episode of Down to Business English, Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega take listeners through the riveting series of events at OpenAI, beginning with a sudden boardroom decision that shook the foundations of the company.

From the initial surprising text message to CEO Sam Altman to his sudden firing and the subsequent fallout, this story unfolds like a corporate drama, highlighting the intricate balance between ethical AI development and business strategy.

Join Skip and Samantha and learn the answers to these questions

Why did OpenAI’s Board of Directors decide to fire Sam Altman?
How did Microsoft, as a major investor, react to Sam Altman’s firing from OpenAI?
How did OpenAI’s staff react to the news?

They also explain and give examples of these useful business words and phrases:

A reinstatement (noun)
To reinstate (verb)
In rapid succession (phrase)
A mea culpa (noun)

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