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Economies across the Eurozone | 292

The Eurozone presents a variety of contrasting economic stories. Germany and France, the bloc’s largest economies, are navigating through a period of uncertainty that reflects broader trends impacting the region. Meanwhile, smaller economies like Ireland and Belgium are experiencing growth, highlighting the diverse economic conditions within the Eurozone. 

In this episode of Down to Business English, Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan look closely at how different economies are faring across the Eurozone and talk about whether or not Brexit was the right step for the UK.

Join Skip and Dez and learn the answers to these questions

What are the economic challenges currently faced by Germany?
What specific issues are affecting key French corporations?
Why has it been difficult for the EU to make trade deals around the world?
Has Brexit had a positive or negative impact on the UK’s economy?

They also explain and give examples of these useful business words and phrases:

To come out of left field (idiom)
To be stuck in the middle (expression)
To crater (verb)

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2 thoughts on “Economies across the Eurozone | 292”

  1. Wrong information in this episode. Russia did not cut off the gas, Russia continue transferring gas to Europe across Ukraine.
    Pay attention and please, make a proper research before creating episode

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