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Apple Patent Dispute | 294

The intersection of technology and legal complexities brings to the forefront a notable drama between a consumer electronics giant and a medical tech innovator. More than just a story of innovation, this episode delves into the realm of global patents and trade laws.

In this episode of Down to Business English, Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega discuss the patent dispute between Apple and Masimo. Beginning in 2020, this legal battle has escalated with significant implications for both companies and Apple Watch consumers.

Join Skip and Samantha and learn the answers to these questions:

What led to the patent infringement cases against Apple by Masimo?
How does the US International Trade Commission’s ruling affect Apple Watch imports and the company’s strategy?
What are the potential financial and market implications of this dispute for Apple and the tech industry?

They also explain and give examples of these useful business words and phrases:

A dispute (noun)
To dispute (verb)
Closing curtains (idiom)
To stack up (phrasal verb)
To infringe (verb)
A roller coaster ride (expression)

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