D2B Free Episodes – Season 7 (2016)

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D2B 100 – Amazon: The Evolution of an Industry Disruptor

12/30/2016 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan discuss the ongoing evolution of Amazon.com and how it went from a simple online bookstore to the major disruptor they are today.

D2B 99 – Donald Trump’s Conflict(s) of Interest

12/23/2016 – Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega discuss conflicts of interest  in the business and political worlds. What are the potential conflicts Donald Trump faces as he moves into the White House?

D2B 98 – Chinese Startups

12/15/2016 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan talk about the startup climate in China and how three innovative companies are giving Western competitors a run for their money.

Hedge Fund

D2B 97 – Hedging

12/04/2016 – Dez Morgan gives Skip Montreux an introduction to the concept of Financial Hedging.

D2B 96 – The Importance of Company Reputations

11/12/2016 – Skip Montreux & Dez Morgan look at good (and bad) examples of how a company can protect its reputation when facing a public relations disaster.

D2B 95 – White Gold: The International Ivory Trade

11/03/2016 – Skip Montreux & Samantha Vega talk about the history of the ivory trade and the recent agreements that have been made to protect the world’s elephant population.

Deutsche Bank

D2B 94 – The Return of Banking Bailouts 

10/29/2016 – Dez Morgan explains why Deutsche Bank may be in need of a bailout from the German government.

D2B 93 – F1 Apple

10/22/2016 – Skip Montreux & Dez Morgan talk about the the possibility that Apple Inc. may be acquiring McLaren F1.

Presidents Vladimir Putin & Barack Obama

D2B 92 – Western Sanctions against Russia 

10/12/2016 – Skip Montreux & Dez Morgan discuss the impact Western sanctions have had on Russia.

D2B 91 – The Nintendo Story & Pokemon Go 

09/06/2016 – Skip Montreux & Samantha Vega discuss the long history of Nintendo and the development of Pokemon Go.

D2B 90 – The Panama Papers

08/29/2016 – Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan talk about the Panama Papers. What are they? Who is in them? What are their ramifications?

D2B 89 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

08/22/2016 – Skip Montreux & Samantha Vega talk about the age of the fourth industrial revolution and what impact it will have on our society.

D2B 88 – Donald Trump: The Bankrupt Billionaire

08/13/2016 – Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega report on Donald Trump’s business dealings in the Atlantic City casino industry.

Michel Temer

D2B 87 – The Troubles in Brazil 

07/24/2016 -Skip Montreux & Dez Morgan talk about the political changes that have been happening in Brazil and other South American countries, and their economic impact.

Gas pumps

D2B 86 – The Price of Oil

07/18/2016 – Dez Morgan reports on the many factors that go into determining the price of oil.

D2B 85 – Millennials in the Workplace

06/25/2016 – Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega look at the unique characteristics of the Millennial generation and how these traits explain their behavior in the workplace.

D2B 84 – Brexit – Will the U.K. exit the E.U. ?

05/23/2016 – Dez Morgan explains what the Brexit is and the major issues surrounding this important referendum.

D2B 83 – U.S. – Cuba Trade Relations

05/16/2016 – Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega give a brief history of U.S. – Cuba trade relations and talk about the recent historic developments between these two nations.

D2B 82 – The Arms Industry 

05/09/2016 – Skip Montreux talks about the military industrial complex and introduces Dez Morgan to some interesting statistics.

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