Why Become a D2B Member?

Our goal at Down to Business English is to help you learn and retain business English by reporting on current business news stories and teaching useful words, phrases, and expressions related to those headlines.
D2B Memberships give us the resources to produce Down to Business English episodes on a regular basis and help us create authentic English learning material that you will never find in a traditional classroom setting or textbook.

What do I get with a D2B Membership?

D2B Memberships come with 3 great benefits.

Member only content

Exclusive member-only episodes not available to the public.

Audio Script Library

100% Access to the entire catalog of Down to Business English Audio Scripts.

Audio Script Delivery

Audio scripts of newly released episodes are delivered to your email inbox.

How much does a D2B Membership cost?

We have 3 membership plans for you to choose from.

D2B Consumer
USD 7.00/month

A recurring monthly fee.
You will be automatically charged every month but can upgrade or cancel at any time.
Total annual cost USD 84.00

D2B Executive Director
USD 66.00/year 
(best value)

A recurring annual fee.
You will be automatically charged every year but can downgrade or cancel at any time.  
(USD 5.50/month avg.)

D2B Executive Director 
1 year only plan
USD 75.00

A one time fee.
You will NOT be automatically charged every year  
(USD 6.25/month)

Only interested in Pay as you Go audio scripts?  

Visit our Audio Script Store for more details.

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