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Climate saving technology or fossil fuel enabler?


In today’s world, where all of us are trying to be more environmentally responsible, this episode of Down to Business English is very timely. Co-hosts Samantha Vega and Skip Montreux not only talk about the important topic of carbon capture technology but also help you to improve your business English vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn about the balance between technology and taking care of our environment while at the same time developing their English listening fluency.


Samantha and Skip talk about carbon capture, a method that could greatly reduce the carbon footprint of industries. They look at two main types: Point Source Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Direct Air Capture (DAC). CCS focuses on capturing carbon from places like factory smokestacks, while DAC aims to remove CO2 that’s already in the air.


Listeners wanting to get better at understanding English will find the discussion about the costs of carbon capture very useful. Skip and Samantha talk about:

  • How much CCS and DAC cost now, and how these costs might go down as the industry grows.
  • How ANA is working with 1PointFive to reduce its carbon emissions using DAC technology.
  • What governments in the United States and Europe are doing to support carbon capture technology.

In summary 

This episode of Down to Business English is full of information for anyone interested in carbon capture technology and its role in fighting climate change. It’s also a great resource for you to expand your business English vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension skills. As the world works toward a Net Zero goal, this episode of D2B teaches and informs, making it a perfect mix of knowledge and language learning.

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