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Russian Gas Exports to Europe | 301


In a time when geopolitical tensions play a crucial role in shaping global economics, this episode of Down to Business English is very pertinent. Join co-hosts Dez Morgan and Skip Montreux as they explore the intricate dynamics of Russian gas exports to Europe. This discussion offers insights into current events while providing an opportunity to enhance your business English vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. Perfect for anyone eager to understand the complexities of international trade and energy dependency while improving their English proficiency.


Skip and Dez discuss the complex issue of Russian gas exports to Europe, a topic central to current geopolitical and economic debates. They examine Europe’s reliance on Russian gas and its impact on both politics and the economy, focusing on European strategies to reduce this dependency.


Listeners aiming to enhance their business English will find Skip and Dez’s discussion particularly useful. In this episode they discuss:

  • The consequences of European countries reliance on Russian gas.
  • The creative measures taken to circumvent current challenges in energy supply.
  • The strategic importance of weaning off dependency on Russian gas to achieve autonomy in energy policy and security.

In summary 

This episode of Down to Business English is packed with information for anyone interested in the subtleties of international energy politics, especially concerning Russian gas exports to Europe. It serves as a great resource for business professionals and students alike, aiming to expand their vocabulary and improve their Business English listening skills within the context of meaningful global issues.

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