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The Wide World of Sports Betting in the USA | 310


The issue of sports betting in professional sports has come under scrutiny following the recent Major League Baseball scandal involving Japanese baseball superstar Shohei Ohtani and alleged illegal gambling activities by his former interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara. In this episode of Down to Business English, we go through the history, explosive growth, and the current state of sports betting, including its impact on society and the economy. Discover how sports betting went from being a national concern to a booming industry, all while picking up sports-related idioms and expressions that cross over into business English.


Skip Montreux and Samantha Vega look at the world of sports betting in the USA. From the 1919 World Series scandal to the monumental shift in 2018 when sports betting became legal in many states, they cover the evolution of this billion-dollar industry. Along the way, they explore the crossover of sports idioms into business English, enriching listeners’ business vocabulary.


Listeners looking to enhance their business English, Skip and Samantha’s conversation is a great learning resource. Key points include:

  • The historical backdrop of sports betting in the US.
  • How the internet revolutionized sports betting.
  • The role of fantasy sports in normalizing betting behaviors.
  • Sports and gambling expressions that are commonly used in business English.

In summary 

D2B Episode 310 offers an educational journey through the world of US sports betting, highlighting its impact on language and the economy. It also provides insights for those interested in enhancing their business English vocabulary and listening comprehension and deepen their understanding of business trends.

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Enhance your understanding of business English and the world of sports betting by engaging with this thought-provoking episode. Join Skip, Samantha, and the D2B community on social media to share your thoughts on the evolution of sports betting or to discuss how sports idioms enrich our business vocabulary. Let’s make business English a tool for navigating the fascinating intersections of language, culture, and commerce.

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