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The Cocoa Crisis | 315


The global chocolate industry is grappling with a steep rise in cocoa prices, leading to significant changes for producers and consumers alike. This unprecedented surge, driven by unusual weather patterns and long-standing structural challenges, has sent shockwaves through the market, forcing chocolate manufacturers to rethink recipes, pricing, and sourcing strategies.


Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan take a deep dive into the cocoa crisis, unpacking the causes and consequences of rising prices. They analyze how unseasonal El Niño rains have severely impacted West African cocoa production, highlighting the underinvestment in farms and crop diseases that have worsened the supply issues. With 60% of cocoa futures contracts held by speculators, market volatility is further inflating costs, leading chocolate manufacturers to implement measures like “shrinkflation” and recipe changes to navigate this complex market.


Skip and Dez’s conversation is a great learning resource if you want to build your English listening comprehension skills and expand your business vocabulary. Key points of their discussion include:

  • Cocoa prices have soared over 300% in just one year, driven by environmental and economic factors.
  • Chocolate manufacturers are altering their product recipes and resorting to “shrinkflation” to offset costs.
  • Speculation in cocoa futures contracts has contributed significantly to price inflation.

In summary 

D2B 315 offers a comprehensive look at the crisis in the cocoa market and is a vivid example of how environmental issues, market speculation, and underinvestment can collide to create global economic ripples.

Take action

Stay informed about the market dynamics affecting chocolate prices and the strategies that manufacturers are employing to adapt to this volatile environment. Engage with Skip, Dez, and the D2B community on social media to share your views on the current crisis facing the cocoa industry.

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