Down to Business English is a podcast for people who use English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) in their work environment and are trying to improve their overall language skills.

In each episode, hosts Dez Morgan, Samantha Vega, and Skip Montreux discuss business news making headlines around the world. Through their discussions, they introduce professional vocabulary and phrases, review useful grammar structures, and identify cultural differences that may impact doing business in an international work environment.

This podcast is an excellent way to improve your listening comprehension skills and keep up with current business trends and news from around the world.

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Your Hosts

Skip Montreux
Dez Morgan
Samantha Vega

Skip Montreux was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. After surviving 27 winters of -30º C weather, he boarded a Korean Air flight from Vancouver to Tokyo via Seoul. After losing his luggage in transit he literally arrived in Japan in March of 1997 with only the shirt on his back. He quickly immersed himself in the world of English teaching. Over the years he has held positions as Assistant Language Teacher, University Professor, and Corporate Language instructor. At some point in his journey through the EFL world, he developed an interest in graphic design, web 2.0 technology, and social media. This interest led him to launch the Down to Business English podcast along with Dez Morgan in March, 2010.

Dez Morgan was born in the seaside town of Margate on the South East coast of England. After qualifying as a primary school teacher, he went to work in an International school in Yokohama, Japan. Discovering that teaching young children was not for him, Dez joined Japan’s happy band of EFL teachers for the next 20 years. In his 40s, he decided to travel and teach in Argentina, Bosnia and finally the United Arab Emirates. Now in his 50s Dez lives in Scotland, has re qualified as an English literature teacher, and is currently at the start of what is probably going to be the last of his careers. But then again…

Samantha Vega was born in Auckland, New Zealand but was raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her background is in broadcast radio. She started on-air as an announcer in Vancouver and then moved to Tokyo in the late-90’s to do a ‘one-man/woman’ style radio show on InterFM. Samantha and Skip have been friends for over 20 years. Samantha joined the Down to Business English team in 2016 and loves reporting on business news and connecting with D2B listeners around the globe.

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